Santa Maria Smog Check- What If My Car Fails A Smog Inspection?

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Main Street Shell Service is proud to be your trusted provider for Santa Maria smog checks.
For many vehicle owners, seeing that vehicle registration renewal notice from the California DMV is a source of anxiety as the possibility of a failed smog inspection could lead to expensive repairs and a large hole in their bank account.  Fortunately, there are a number of things you can do to help prevent your vehicle from becoming a victim of a failed smog inspection.
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  1. Stay current with the maintenance schedule for your vehicle.  Vehicles that are neglected and not maintained run a higher risk of failing a smog test.
  2. Does your vehicle have a check engine light malfunction?  An illuminated check engine light or service engine soon light is an automatic fail.  It’s always best to have a check engine light malfunction diagnosed and repaired right away as ignoring it could lead to more serious and more expensive repairs.
  3. Dead battery or disconnected battery?  For vehicles 1996 and newer, many essential systems are monitored by the vehicle’s on-board computer.  When the battery is disconnected, the computer memory is erased and the monitors must be reset before the vehicle can successfully pass a smog test.  A procedure known as “drive cycles” must be performed so the computer can run through all of it’s on-board diagnostic checks.
  4. Don’t fill your vehicle with cheap, discount gas!  Gas from discount gas stations does not contain additives and cleaning agents.  Using cheap, discount gas over an extended period of time could cause your vehicle’s engine to become dirty and clogged with debris and gunk.  A dirty, clogged up engine will definitely increase the risk of unwanted repairs and a failed smog inspection.
  5. Faulty oxygen sensor:  The purpose of a well functioning oxygen sensor is to measure the amount of oxygen present in the exhaust gas.  A faulty oxygen sensor can lead to high emissions which is a red flag during a smog inspection. 
  6. Leaks in the EVAP system:  the purpose of the EVAP system is to prevent fuel vapors from leaking out into the atmosphere.  A leak could be caused by something as simple as a bad gas cap or a faulty hose.


If your vehicle does happen to fail the inspection, then Main Street Shell Service is here to help.  Our expert smog technicians have over 35 years of experience.  We are also a State certified smog check station which means we can test, repair, and certify high smog emitters and gross polluters.


Main Street Shell Service is a full service auto repair shop and State certified smog check station in Santa Maria. We are also a California state certified brake and light inspection station.
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