Smog Check Stations In Santa Maria- Main Street Shell Service- State Program Could Make Things Easier For Newer Vehicles

Main Street Shell Service tops the list of smog check stations in Santa Maria and is proud to be your choice for State certified smog test.

The decades old 30 minute smog check complete with tailpipe test may soon be a thing of the past for vehicles falling into the range of model years 2000 and newer.

On the other hand, vehicles that are year 1999 and older will still have to comply with the old style test, and will have to bring their vehicle to a state certified State facility for testing.

For newer vehicles, updated smog inspection software will be able to test the vehicle by using stored information in the on-board computer to make a decision on whether or not the vehicle passes the test.

According to officials, this new update should dramatically reduce the amount of time it takes to test newer vehicles.

For a more in depth look at the new program, here is an article from the Central Valley Business Times.

Few drivers may realize it, but their car’s onboard computer is busily collecting all sorts of data as they drive. And soon, the state of California will be picking those little under-the-hood brains.

The California Air Resources Board is readying plans for a new smog check program that eliminates sticking a probe up the tailpipe to measure emissions while simulating driving conditions in a shop.

Instead, for 2000 model-year and newer vehicles, the new test siphons off the data stored in the on-board diagnostic systems that are standard equipment on all newer vehicles.

“By utilizing the on-board diagnostic system already built into all newer cars, owners can be assured that they are getting the most accurate measure of their vehicles condition at the lowest possible cost,” says CARB Chairman Mary Nichols. “The move away from tailpipe testing and the expensive equipment required by shops will benefit consumers, service providers and the environment.”

Older vehicles will continue to be inspected using tailpipe emissions but stations will be subject to new performance and evaluation standards. Only stations meeting what CARB terms “the tough new standards” will be rated as “State Certified” and permitted to inspect 1999 and older vehicles. The changeover to the new testing requirements will take place over the next year.

• Starting Jan. 1, 2013, all 1999 model-year and older vehicles (the model years most likely to have high emissions) will be directed to new State inspection stations.

• Sept. 1, 2013, all 2000 model-year and newer vehicles will be inspected using the OBD-based test.

Main Street Shell Service is proud to announce that we will be smogging both older and newer vehicles when these changes take place.  Currently, we are a Gold Shield certified smog facility which means we are licensed to test, repair, and certify gross polluters.

At the beginning of the new year, we will be a state certified State facility.  If you have any questions about smog inspections or the new State program, feel free to contact us.


Main Street Shell Service provides smog tests Monday through Saturday and coupons are always available here on our website.


Main Street Shell Service is a State certified smog test station in Santa Maria and is authorized to test, repair, and certify high smog emitters and gross polluters. We can also perform smog inspections on vehicles from enhanced areas in California.
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