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***Pending*** Licensed to test, repair and certify gross polluters. smog check in santa maria

If you’re looking for quality, efficiency, and a great low price, choose Main Street Shell Service for your next smog check in Santa Maria.  Main Street Shell Service is a STATE Certified smog test station and will be authorized to offer the Consumer Assistance Program which provides financial assistance for smog related repairs after completion of the STAR re-certification process.

star certified smog check santa maria

It is a well known fact that smog pollution in the state of California is a major concern, especially in larger cities like Los Angeles and Bakersfield. In an effort to reduce the amount of harmful emissions produced by the millions of cars and trucks on California roadways, a bi-annual smog check is required for most vehicles.  California smog check standards are some of the toughest around and are continuously being revised and updated. Smog checks consist of an emissions test (for vehicles 1999 and older) and a functional test of the vehicle.

During the emissions test, the vehicle’s hydrocarbon and carbon dioxide levels are measured to ensure they do not exceed the maximum allowable limits.  The functional test checks all the different smog related systems and their components for correct installation and also to ensure there are no illegal after market parts installed on the vehicle.

A “check engine light” or “service engine soon light” is also a cause for concern which will need to be diagnosed and repaired before a passing result can be submitted to the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Some vehicles have such high emissions that they are labeled as “gross polluters”.  If your vehicle has been classified as a gross polluter, you will be required to visit a STAR Certified smog check station.

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Main Street Shell Service is a STAR certified smog check station in Santa Maria, California. We are authorized to test, repair, and certify directed vehicles and gross polluters.
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