What In The World Is Propane Gas?

What exactly is propane? Although it can be used as a fuel for vehicle engines, it’s not the same as unleaded gasoline and it’s not natural gas.

Here is a thorough definition courtesy of propane.com:

An affordable, clean, American-made fuel, propane is a gas normally compressed and stored as a liquid. It is most commonly used for space and water heating, for cooking, and as a fuel for engines; however, its applications are rapidly growing due to new technology developments.

  • Propane is nontoxic, colorless, and virtually odorless; an identifying odor is added so it can be detected.

  • Propane is also sometimes known as liquefied petroleum gas, or LPG. When used as vehicle fuel propane is known as propane autogas.

Propane gas or liquid propane gas (LPG) is useful for so many everyday tasks and as stated above, that list will continue to grow.

In addition to heating, propane is widely used across the country for grilling and barbecuing.  Many food trucks and catering trucks also use propane.  Large warehouses often use propane powered forklift vehicles to move large quantities of product.

Because propane fuel burns so clean, vehicles that use it for fuel can last a lot longer and have fewer maintenance issues.

Handling and operating appliances or devices that use propane should be done with care and caution to avoid any accidents or dangerous situations.


Propane is widely available across the country at local filling stations and tank exchange locations.  Whether you’re trying to find propane in Santa Maria, California or Albuquerque, New Mexico you should easily be able to find a location near you simply by searching online.