Winter Propane Shortage Triggers Dramatic Spike In Prices

For 2014, the winter season was a bitter cold one.  A bitter cold winter coupled with a shortage of propane gas for heating resulted in a significant spike in price.

According to one turkey grower from Minnesota who testified before a Senate hearing, “the turkey industry in Minnesota saw a $25-million increase in heating-related costs over the previous year.”

Turkey growers weren’t the only ones who felt the impact of rising prices for LP gas.

Many propane gas consumers rely on this clean energy fuel to heat their homes and run their appliances.  Americans in the Midwest and Northeast sections of the country suffered the most due to the dramatic price increase.

Even weekend backyard grill masters who were purchasing propane in Santa Maria, California were raising their eyebrows after seeing the final bill for a 5 gallon fill-up.

So what should we expect for 2015?  Is there a plan in place to help prevent propane shortages and inflated pricing for the year to come?

Check out this article for potential strategies proposed by the government and consumers.

Senate looks to keep propane affordable, accessible, clean, diverse, and secure next winter

Hardships due to the shortage and sky rocketing prices in the Midwest and Northeast resulted in a state of emergency in some areas.


Whatever the final plan or strategy may be for preventing another winter shortage of propane gas, you can be sure that concerned citizens and consumers across the nation will be waiting and watching closely.