Propane Service in Santa Maria- Summer Propane Safety Tips

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The summer months are here and that means lots of barbecues, parties, and backyard cookouts. Many barbecue grills, patio heaters, and other appliances that will be used this summer require propane gas to function properly.

Although propane tanks are made to be very durable and can withstand quite a bit of abuse, it’s extremely important to take the proper precautions to avoid any disasters.

The easiest way to detect propane is by it’s very unpleasant odor. If the scent of propane is in the air, a potentially dangerous situation may exist. Extinguish all open flames, and immediately leave any area where propane fumes are present.

It’s also extremely important that propane gas grills are operated safely and correctly. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions very carefully to prevent a dangerous explosion.


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