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Power Steering Flush santa maria

Main Street Shell Service offers a full line of preventive maintenance services for your car or truck including the power steering system. Power steering is a luxury that many of us take for granted and most young people have never even driven a car or truck that did not have a power steering system.  Hopefully you will never have to experience what it feels like when a power steering pump or a power steering drive belt fails and the steering wheel becomes extremely difficult to move.  It could be a dangerous situation to experience a power steering failure while right in the middle of a turn in traffic.

Luckily there are some simple things you can do to prevent such a situation from occurring.  Be sure to have your power steering fluid checked whenever you bring your car or truck in for an oil change.  The power steering fluid is responsible for lubricating essential components of the system and keeping seals conditioned and malleable.  It’s also important to ensure the power steering fluid isn’t worn out and/or contaminated.  Dirt and debris can be a nightmare for power steering.

Old and contaminated power steering fluid can eventually lead to expensive repairs by damaging vital components such as the

  • power steering pump
  • rack and pinion
  • steering gear box
  • hydraulic lines
  • power steering hoses

At the very least you may discover that your steering wheel requires more effort to turn, or you may hear a squealing noise.

The answer to many potential power steering problems is a power steering fluid flush.  This preventive maintenance procedure will loosen and remove contaminants from the system and will restore the smooth steering performance that you’re accustomed to.  Brand new fluid will be added to the system which will protect power steering components from corrosion and oxidation.  If the steering performance of your car or truck isn’t what it used to be, it’s time to get your vehicle in for service.  Main Street Shell Service provides preventive maintenance services 6 days a week, Monday through Saturday.  Give us a call at 347-0076 or stop by and see us.


Restore your power steering to peak operating level.  Oxidation breaks down fluid and its lubricating ability, which is caused by heat and friction. This can speed up wear in the valves, pump, and gears. A power steering system service can help prevent costly repairs and keep your power steering system operating at optimal levels.

  • Debris and contaminants in the power steering system can cause valves and other components to stick and dry leading to expensive repairs
  • Worn out seals can lead to leaks and foaming can lead to vibrations in the system creating difficult steering and other problems within the system.


Power Steering Fluid Flush Santa Maria

Main Street Shell Service has earned and continues to hold a rating of A+ with the Better Business Bureau.

Main Street Shell Service provides a number of preventive maintenance services including a power steering flush service for your car or truck. Keep your power steering system smooth and responsive with a power steering fluid flush.
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