Headlight Restoration in Santa Maria- Get Those Dull, Cloudy Headlights Shining Bright Again!

Your vehicle may need a headlight restoration if your lenses are;

Headlight restoration santa maria

  • Hazed

  • Yellowed

  • Cloudy

  • Dull

It’s unlikely that your headlights are as clear as they were when you first purchased your car or truck. Over time, the effects of weather, oxidation, and a number of other factors all contribute to a reduction in headlamp brightness by causing headlamp lenses to become dull, yellow, scratched, and foggy.  Sometimes the only way to solve this problem is to have a professional headlamp restoration performed using a multi-step process of sanding and polishing the lenses until their brilliant clarity has been restored.  Nighttime driving can be dangerous with cloudy lenses that limit your visibility.  If you’d like to see your headlamps shine bright like they once did then give us a call at 347-0076 or stop by Main Street Shell Service.  We provide headlamp restoration service 6 days a week, Monday through Saturday.

Main Street Shell Service is a full service auto repair shop in Santa Maria. We have the specialized equipment and know how to restore the brilliant clarity and brightness to your headlights with a professional headlamp restoration.
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