Don’t Ignore That Check Engine Light- Expert Auto Diagnostic in Santa Maria

Main Street Shell Service in Santa Maria offers expert check engine light diagnosis services Monday through Saturday.

Recently, one of our customers mentioned to us that her check engine light had been on for quite some time and that she had done nothing to address the underlying problem.

Unfortunately, this check engine light turned into a big mess and caused multiple problems for her.[youtube][/youtube]

According to the Bureau of Automotive Repair, a vehicle which has an illuminated check engine light will not pass a smog inspection.  This was problem number one.

Problem number two occurred because the service engine soon light had been neglected for such a long time.  After careful diagnosis, it was clear that the original cause of the malfunction light was a faulty oxygen sensor.

Instead of taking action when the problem first occurred and paying for a minor repair to be performed, the problem spread and caused the destruction of the vehicle’s catalytic convertor.

So many vehicle components are interlinked and work hand in hand to provide you with the worry free driving experience you are accustomed to.

Ignoring a check engine light or service engine soon light can spell big problems and big expenses if the problem is not addressed in a timely manner.

And here is one more word of caution:  If a blinking or flashing check engine light ever appears on your dash then you MUST get your vehicle to a certified mechanic ASAP!

Failure to take care of a flashing check engine light can cause catastrophic damage to your engine.

The certified mechanics at Main Street Shell Service are here 6 days a week to serve you.  We use top of the line diagnostic equipment to diagnose, isolate, and repair whatever is causing that light to come on.

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Check out the video below for more information about your vehicle’s check engine light or service engine soon light.


Video Transcript:

Isthe check engine light on in your vehicle?  Have you been trying to ignoreit?  It’s possible that the problem may be something small and simple like a loose gas cap, but it’s more likely that your vehicle’s computer has detected a significant malfunction.

Vehicles today are equipped with an on-board diagnostic computer which monitors the operation of many different systems and components on your vehicle. When the computer detects that a system or component is not working correctly, it sends out a signal to turn on the check engine light or service engine soon light to alert you that there is a problem that needs to be taken care of.

Ignoring this warning light can lead to more serious problems as so manycomponents on your vehicle are dependent on each other and work together toprovide you with a smooth, worry free driving experience.  Ignoring a malfunction with one component can eventually lead to problems with other related components.

One of our customers recently told us she had ignored her check engine lightfor some time.  Careful diagnosis showed that the light was originally triggered by a faulty sensor, but because the warning light had been ignored for such a long time, that faulty sensor caused the destruction of the vehicle’s catalytic converter.  What would have been a minor repair turned into hundreds of dollars in expenses which could have easily been prevented.

Main Street Shell Service specializes in check engine light diagnosis andrepair and utilizes specialized diagnostic equipment to get the job done right. Our expert mechanics will scan your vehicle’s computer, retrieve any fault codes stored in the memory, isolate the problem, and perform the proper repairs. 

If your check engine light or service engine soon light is on, don’t take achance on something serious happening by ignoring the problem.  Give us a call today at 347-0076 and let our trained and experienced mechanics restore your peace of mind and get you and your vehicle back on the road as soon as possible.