Expert Check Engine Light Diagnosis
in Santa Maria

Main Street Shell Service is an ASE certified auto shop in Santa Maria, CA specializing in auto diagnostics and check engine light diagnosis.

The malfunction indicator lamp is usually known as the “check engine” light, “service engine soon” light, or a picture of an engine. Modern vehicles are equipped with a computer which controls the engine and transmission systems.  When the computer detects a malfunction with one or more of the components, it stores the corresponding trouble code(s) in its memory

Check engine light couponand lights up the “check engine” or “service engine soon” light to tell you there is a problem. Our experienced mechanics are equipped with state of the art troubleshooting equipment designed to scan and retrieve fault codes from the vehicle computer.  These fault codes are then analyzed, and further testing is performed to pinpoint the problem.  If your check engine light is on, it’s not something to ignore.  It’s possible that a check engine light could be caused by something as simple as a loose gas cap, but often times the problem is more involved and should not be ignored.  Failure to have a check engine light malfunction diagnosed and repaired in a timely manner could actually allow the problem to spread and effect other components.

Don’t disconnect the battery, don’t put tape over it, and don’t ignore it any longer.  Print your coupon and give us a call today at 347-0076.  Main Street Shell Service provides auto diagnostic services 6 days a week, Monday through Saturday.


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Main Street Shell Service is a full service auto repair shop in Santa Maria specializing in check engine light diagnosis and repair.
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