Water Pump Replacement
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How many gauges do you typically watch on your vehicle’s dashboard?  Many people are only concerned with the gas gauge and speedometer, possibly because they may not understand what some of the other indicators actually do.

water pump replacement in santa maria

Another important indicator that you should be paying attention to is the temperature gauge. This device lets you know how hot your engine is getting. If you notice that the needle is climbing and your engine is hotter than it’s supposed to be, then it’s time to have your cooling system checked out.

There are many important parts that make up a vehicle’s cooling system including the radiator, thermostat, cooling fans, hoses, and the most important one of all, the water pump.  The water pump is like the beating heart of the cooling system which forces coolant and water through passages of the engine and absorbs a tremendous amount of heat. Without a functioning water pump, the engine cannot be cooled and an overheat condition will result. According to autonettv.com, vehicle engines can reach temperatures of 4500 degrees fahrenheit.  Can you imagine what might happen to an engine if it isn’t properly cooled? It could literally melt down.

Just like any other part on your car or truck, the water pump will eventually wear out and will need to be replaced.  If you notice that your temp gauge needle is sitting higher than normal, or if you begin to see coolant leaking underneath your car or truck, there may be a problem with the water pump.  Don’t end up stranded on the side of the road with an overheated vehicle.

If you’re looking for professional water pump replacement in Santa Maria, or if you just want the health of your cooling system assessed, then give us a call at 347-0076.  Our ASE certified mechanics are trained to diagnose faulty cooling system components and make any necessary repairs.

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