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and Heating Repair in Santa Maria

Main Street Shell Service is proud to be your trusted provider for professional full-service auto repair in Santa Maria.

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Main Street Shell Service’s ASE certified Master Technician Patrick Ruddy is an air conditioning and heating system specialist.  If your vehicle’s air conditioning has lost it’s cool, or if you’re not warming up during those cold mornings, then it’s time to get your car or truck in for service.



With the weather we experience here on the Central Coast, it’s possible that you could end up using your air conditioning and heater both in the same day.

A loss of cold air from your air conditioning system can be caused by a number of issues including Freon leaks, broken or loose drive belts, or a problem with one of the essential parts of the system such as the:


  • Compressor
  • Condenser
  • Evaporator
  • Receiver/Drier
  • Expansion valve

A fully functioning heat source is another thing you won’t want to be without on those chilly winter mornings and nights.  If your vehicle’s heater isn’t blowing air that’s at least 75 degrees warmer than the air outside, then you may have a problem

with one or more of the heating system components including the thermostat, heater control valve, heater core, or the blower motor.  It’s also a possibility that your car or truck is low on coolant.

Our ASE certified master technician is full qualified to diagnose any air conditioning or heating problems that you may be experiencing and perform the necessary repairs.


Main Street Shell Service has earned and continues to hold an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau.



Main Street Shell Service is a full service auto repair shop in Santa Maria specializing in auto air conditioning and heating repair.
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