Hybrid Vehicle Auto Air Conditioning Service in Santa Maria

Main Street Shell Service provides AC recharge and auto air conditioning service in Santa Maria 6 days a week (Monday through Saturday).  Our technicians are well trained, educated, and ASE certified to service and repair traditional air conditioning systems as well as hybrid vehicle AC systems.

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If you are the owner of a hybrid vehicle such as a Toyota Prius, Chevy Volt, a Ford Fusion, or any number of various hybrid cars and trucks traveling the roadways today, you may not know that special care must be taken when repairing, servicing, or recharging the AC system of a hybrid vehicle. Hybrid vehicle air conditioning systems and traditional AC systems are not the same, and it’s important to know what some of the main differences are.

When working with the air conditioning system of a hybrid vehicle, special care must be taken to ensure the correct oil and equipment are used.  Failure to take these necessary precautions could be dangerous, hazardous, and may result in some very expensive and completely avoidable repairs to your car’s A/C system. In fact, it is so important to avoid contamination with the wrong type of oil that some hybrid vehicle manufacturers have stated in service bulletins that in such a case where contamination has occurred, all components of the car’s AC system should be replaced.  According to DENSO, if a hybrid vehicle air conditioning system is contaminated by just 1% with the incorrect type of oil, this can be enough to throw off the extremely important non-conductive integrity of the system.


The main difference between traditional and hybrid air conditioning systems is the fact that hybrids utilize an electric motor which is built into the A/C compressor on models like the Toyota Prius to operate the AC system which is entirely different than traditional belt driven A/C systems. The presence of a high voltage electric motor requires the use of a high dielectric, non-conductive oil. Using traditional oil in a hybrid AC system may contaminate and ruin expensive AC system components and could also be dangerous to the person performing the maintenance.

Ensuring the correct oil is used on a hybrid A/C system is just one step in preventing contamination. It is also imperative to use specialized equipment designed to service hybrid vehicle air conditioning systems.  When bringing your vehicle to a shop for service, it’s a good idea to check with the service writer or technician to make sure their equipment is compatible with hybrid vehicles. Authorized machines should display some type of announcement printed on the machine saying “Certified for High Voltage Compressor Service.”


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Certified For High Voltage Compressor Service



The ASE Certified technicians at Main Street Shell Service in Santa Maria are well trained and qualified to service traditional auto air conditioning systems as well as hybrid vehicle air conditioning systems.  When servicing auto A/C systems in Santa Maria, Main Street Shell Service technicians utilize the CPS FX134A Refrigerant Management System, a state of the art machine designed to perform refrigerant recovery, recycle, and recharge functions on both traditional and hybrid air conditioning systems.

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FX134A State Of The Art Refrigerant Management System


Main Street Shell Service is open for auto A/C service and repair in Santa Maria 6 days a week, Monday through Saturday.  Don’t forget to print or display your 10% off coupon, good for any AC recharge, diagnosis, or repair.

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