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The Difference Between “Basic” and “Enhanced” Area Smog Testing

For most California motorists, the required biennial smog check is a routine process that usually ends up going fairly smooth unless their vehicle fails the test and needs repairs. However, there is another stumbling block that a handful of vehicle

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Winter Propane Shortage Triggers Dramatic Spike In Prices

For 2014, the winter season was a bitter cold one.  A bitter cold winter coupled with a shortage of propane gas for heating resulted in a significant spike in price. According to one turkey grower from Minnesota who testified before

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What In The World Is Propane Gas?

What exactly is propane? Although it can be used as a fuel for vehicle engines, it’s not the same as unleaded gasoline and it’s not natural gas. Here is a thorough definition courtesy of An affordable, clean, American-made fuel,

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What is a STAR Certified Smog Check Station?

Main Street Shell Service is a proud provider of STAR certified smog check in Santa Maria, CA.  We offer smog inspection and repair services 6 days a week, Monday through Saturday. For a number of California motorists, the term “STAR

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Propane Service in Santa Maria- Summer Propane Safety Tips

Main Street Shell Service is proud to be your trusted provider for propane service in Santa Maria. The summer months are here and that means lots of barbecues, parties, and backyard cookouts. Many barbecue grills, patio heaters, and other appliances

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Santa Maria Smog Check- What If My Car Fails A Smog Inspection?

Main Street Shell Service is proud to be your trusted provider for Santa Maria smog checks. For many vehicle owners, seeing that vehicle registration renewal notice from the California DMV is a source of anxiety as the possibility of a

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How Do I Know If I Need A Smog Test?

Main Street Shell Service is proud to be your number one provider for STAR certified smog test in Santa Maria. The California smog test program can be a confusing and intimidating program to navigate, especially if you are brand new to

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LP Gas Santa Maria- Propane Filling Service For Mobile Homes, Trailers, Forklift Tanks, Barbecue Tanks, and More!

Attention Travelers! If you are passing through the Central Coast area of California and are looking for LP gas in Santa Maria, you have come to the right place! Main Street Shell Service is your trusted provider for propane filling

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Don’t Ignore That Check Engine Light- Expert Auto Diagnostic in Santa Maria

Main Street Shell Service in Santa Maria offers expert check engine light diagnosis services Monday through Saturday. Recently, one of our customers mentioned to us that her check engine light had been on for quite some time and that she had

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Brake and Lamp Inspection Santa Maria- Has Your Vehicle Been Damaged In An Auto Accident?

If your car or truck has been involved in an accident, be sure to check and see if the title has been deemed a salvage. If this is the case, don’t be surprised when it’s time to register your vehicle

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